26 August 2015

From sensory processing to functional hyperaemia


Members : Ali-Kémal AYDIN (PhD Student), Emmanuelle CHAIGNEAU (Research Engineer), Yannick GOULAM HOUSSEN (Research Engineer), Florent JEAN (Administrator), Manon OMNES (Technician) , Morgane ROCHE (PhD Student), Ravi RUNGTA (Post Doc)

My team aims at understanding how interactions between neurons and non-neuronal cells modulate brain activity and how this modulation contributes to the signals used in functional imaging of the human brain.
This imposes to work at all spatial and temporal scales and to understand deeply the relationship between the activity of a given neuronal network and the nature of the imaging signal used to detect it.
Using cellular approaches (electrophysiology, and two-photon laser scanning microscopy), we investigate the functional responses of the glomerulus network, i.e. the responses to odor of neuron, glial cells and vascular cells in (pericytes and smooth muscle cells), and we correlate these responses with metabolic (oxygen, phosphorescence lifetime imaging) and macroscopic vascular responses measured with fast ultrasound imaging and BOLD MRI (through a collaboration).



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