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The Acher group is focused on small molecules that target receptors and transporters of the CNS. Using synthetic organic chemistry and molecular modeling, we develop pharmacological and therapeutic tools. The team is involved in various projects from the initial design (molecules, 3D models…) all along to the in vivo studies. The interdisciplinary projects are made possible through numerous collaborations in the fields of pharmacology, molecular biology, cellular biology and behavior. Thus molecules that are developed in the group allow investigations of animal models of Parkinson’s disease motor symptoms, psychiatric diseases, cognition, pain and addiction as well as imaging and activation or transport mechanism elucidation. Our research spans over two major fields that are actually linked in the synaptic event.

Key words:
selective orthosteric ligands, transporter inhibitors, probe synthesis, structure-activity relationship, small molecule-protein interaction, structure function studies, docking, virtual high throughput screening, hit optimization.