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The Laboratoire de Chimie et Biochimie pharmacologiques et toxicologiques (LCBPT) is a CNRS-Paris Descartes joint research unit (UMR 8601), conducting research at the interface between chemistry and life sciences. Its activity has always been devoted to the interface between chemistry and biology. Its scientific activity ranges from spectroscopy, imaging, to organic synthesis, bio-inorganic and inorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry and immunology. LCBPT comprises 14 CNRS researchers (INC (section 12, 16) or INSB (section 27)), 19 University teachers (CNU 31, 32, 64) and 18 technical staff from CNRS and University Paris Descartes, working together with about 30 PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers and between 15 and 30 master students (M1 and M2).
The research activity of the Lab is devoted to fundamental research. It relies on one side on the study of biological mechanisms at the molecular or supramolecular level (metabolism, chemical mediation, signalization pathways) and their involvement in physiological or pathological regulations. It relies on the other side on the study of fundamental molecular and supramolecular reactivity and the development of molecular tools (probes, markers, sensors) to decipher biochemical mechanisms or identify/characterize/interact with new therapeutic targets. The different teams of the unit have a recognized know-how ranging from organic and inorganic chemistry to systems biology, through bio-organic, bio-inorganic and physical chemistry (vibrational an electroic spectroscopies, NMR, EPR), pharmacochemistry, toxicology and immunology. An extension of this know-how in the field of nano-objects and their physicochemical and biological properties will be made in the forthcoming years.