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Publications récentes

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  • mTOR Inhibition via Displacement of Phosphatidic Acid Induces Enhanced Cytotoxicity Specifically in Cancer Cells (2018)
    Nguyen TL, Nokin MJ, Egorov M, Tomé M, Bodineau C, Primo CD, Minder L, Wdzieczak-Bakala J, Garcia-Alvarez MC, Bignon J, Thoison O, Delpech B, Surpateanu G, Frapart YM, Peyrot F, Abbas K, Terés S, Evrard S, Khatib AM, Soubeyran P, Iorga BI, Durán RV, Collin P.
    Cancer Res. 78(18):5384-5397.
    DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-18-0232

  • Glutathione fine-tunes the innate immune response toward antiviral pathways in a macrophage cell line independently of its antioxidant properties (2017)
    Diotallevi M, Checconi P, Palamara AT, Celestino I, Coppo L, Holmgren A, Abbas K, Peyrot F, Mengozzi M, Ghezzi P.
    Front. Immunol. - Inflammation 8:1239
    DOI: 10.3389/fimmu.2017.01239

  • "Electron paramagnetic resonance image reconstruction with total variation and curvelets regularization" by (2017)
    Durand S, Frapart YM, Kerebel M.
    Inverse Problem Article reference: IP-101236.R2

  • Estimation of spectrum parameters for Quantitative EPR in the derivative limit. (2017)
    Tran Duc N, Frapart YM, Li Thiao-Té.
    2017 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications 1570379348

  • European Contribution to the study of ROS: A Summary of the Findings and Prospects for the Future from the COST Action BM1203 (EU-ROS) (2017)
    Egea J, Fabregat I, Frapart YM, Ghezzi P, Görlach A, Kietzmann T, Kubaichuk K, Knaus UG, Lopez MG, Olaso-Gonzalez G, Petry A, Schulz R, Vina J, Winyard P, Abbas K, Ademowo OS, Afonso CB, Andreadou I, Antelmann H, Antunes F, Aslan M, Bachschmid MM, et al.
    Redox Biology 13:94-162

  • Labile iron potentiates ascorbate-dependent reduction and mobilization of ferritin iron (2017)
    Badu-Boateng C, Pardalaki S, Wolf C, Lajnef S, Peyrot F, Naftalin RJ.
    Free Radical Biology & Medecine 108:94-109


  • In vivo evaluation of different alterations of redox status by studying pharmacokinetics of nitroxides using magnetic resonance techniques (2016)
    Bacic G, Pavicevic A, Peyrot F.
    Redox Biology 8:226-242

  • In vivo triarylmethyl radical stabilization through encapsulation in Pluronic F-127 hydrogel (2016)
    Abbas K, Boutier-Pischon A, Auger F, Françon D, Almario A, Frapart YM
    Journal of Magnetic Resonance 270:147-56

  • Use of spin traps to detect superoxide production in living cells by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy (2016) Abbas K, Babic N, Peyrot F.
    Methods 109:31-43


  • EPR and electrochemical quantification of oxygen using newly synthesized para-silylated triarylmethyl radicals. (2015)
    Boutier-Pischon A, Auger F, Noël JM, Almario A, Frapart Y.-M.
    Free Radical Research 1-8

  • Medium-throughput ESR detection of superoxide production in undetached adherent cells using cyclic nitrone spin traps (2015)
    Abbas K, Hardy M, Poulhès F, Karoui H, Tordo P, Ouari O, Peyrot F.
    Free Radical Research 49(9):1122-1128


  • Detection of superoxide production in stimulated and unstimulated living cells using new cyclic nitrone spin traps (2014)
    Abbas K, Hardy M, Poulhès F, Karoui H, Tordo P, Ouari O, Peyrot F.
    Free Radical Biology & Medecine 71:281-90

  • Metabolic stability of superoxide adducts derived from newly developed cyclic nitrone spin traps (2014)
    Bézière N, Hardy M, Poulhès F, Karoui H, Tordo P, Ouari O, Frapart YM, Rockenbauer A, Boucher JL, Mansuy D, Peyrot F.
    Free Radical Biology & Medecine 67:150-158

  • Sub-NOAEL amounts of endocrine disruptors target rat chondrogenesis in vivo (2014)
    Auxietre T.A. Dumontier M.F., Balguy I., Frapart Y.M., Canivenc-Lavier M.C., Berges R., Boudalia S., Auger J., Corvol M.T., Savouret J.F.
    Biochimie 99:169-177



  • First Combined In Vivo X-ray Tomography And High-resolution Molecular Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Imaging Of The Mouse Knee Joint Taking Into Account The Disappearance Kinetics Of The EPR Probe (2012)
    Bézière N, Decroos C, Mkhitaryan K, Kish E, Richard F, Bigot-Marchand S, Durand S, Cloppet F, Chauvet C, Corvol MT, Rannou F, Xu-Li Y, Mansuy D, Peyrot F, Frapart YM
    Molecular Imaging 11(3):220-8


  • Interaction between the reductase Tah18 and highly conserved Fe-S containing Dre2 C-terminus is essential for yeast viability (2011)
    Soler N, Delagoutte E, Miron S, Facca C, Baïlle D, d'Autreaux B, Craescu G, Frapart YM, Mansuy D, Baldacci G, Huang ME, Vernis L
    Molecular Microbiology 82(1):54-67

  • Studies on the reaction of nitric oxide with the hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase domain 2 (EGLN1) (2011)
    Chowdhury R, Flashman E, Mecinovic J, Kramer HB, Kessler BM, Frapart YM, Boucher JL, Clifton IJ, McDonough MA, Schofield CJ
    Journal of Molecular Biology 410(2):268-79

  • X-ray, ESR, and quantum mechanics studies unravel a spin well in the cofactor-less urate oxidase (2011)
    Gabison L, Chopard C, Colloc'h N, Peyrot F, Castro B, El Hajji M, Altarsha M, Monard G, Chiadmi M, Prangé T.
    Proteins 79(6):1964-1976


  • Comparison of wild type neuronal nitric oxide synthase and its Tyr588Phe mutant towards various L-arginine analogues (2010)
    Giroud C, Moreau M, Sagami I, Shimizu T, Frapart Y, Mansuy D, Boucher JL
    Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 104(10):1043-50

  • Metabolic stability of superoxide and hydroxyl radical adducts of a cyclic nitrone toward rat liver microsomes and cytosol: A stopped-flow ESR spectroscopy study (2010)
    Bézière N, Frapart Y, Rockenbauer A, Boucher JL, Mansuy D, Peyrot F.
    Free Radical Biology & Medecine 49(3):437-46

  • Oxidative decarboxylation of tris-(p-carboxyltetrathiaaryl)methyl radical EPR probes by peroxidases and related hemeproteins: intermediate formation and characterization of the corresponding cations (2010)
    Decroos C, Li Y, Soltani A, Frapart Y, Mansuy D, Boucher JL
    Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 502(1):74-80

  • Reductive metalation of cyclic and acyclic pseudopeptidic bis-disulfides and back conversion of the resulting diamidato/dithiolato complexes to bis-disulfides (2010)
    Desbenoît N, Galardon E, Frapart Y, Tomas A, Artaud I.
    Inorganic Chemistry 49(18):8637-44

  • Effect of uncoupling endothelial nitric oxide synthase on calcium homeostasis in aged porcine endothelial cells (2009)
    Perrier E, Fournet-Bourguignon MP, Royere E, Molez S, Reure H, Lesage L, Gosgnach W, Frapart Y, Boucher JL, Villeneuve N, Vilaine JP
    Cardiovascular Research 82(1):133-42

  • Oxidation of tris-(p-carboxyltetrathiaaryl)methyl radical EPR probes: evidence for their oxidative decarboxylation and molecular origin of their specific ability to react with O2*- (2009)
    Decroos C, Li Y, Bertho G, Frapart Y, Mansuy D, Boucher JL
    Chemical Communications (11):1416-1418

  • Oxidative and reductive metabolism of tris(p-carboxyltetrathiaaryl)methyl radicals by liver microsomes (2009)
    Decroos C, Li Y, Bertho G, Frapart Y, Mansuy D, Boucher JL
    Chemical Research in Toxicology 22(7):1342-1350

  • Synthesis, structural analysis and anticonvulsant activity of a ternary Cu(II) mononuclear complex containing 1,10-phenanthroline and the leading antiepileptic drug valproic acid (2009)
    Sylla-Iyarreta Veitía M, Dumas F, Morgant G, Sorenson JR, Frapart Y, Tomas A.
    Biochimie 91(10):1286-93

  • Dioxygen activation at a mononuclear Cu(I) center embedded in the calix[6]arene-tren core (2008)
    Izzet G, Zeitouny J, Akdas-Killig H, Frapart Y, Ménage S, Douziech B, Jabin I, Le Mest Y, Reinaud O
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 130(29):9514-9523

  • Inhibitory effects of a series of 7-substituted-indazoles toward nitric oxide synthases: particular potency of 1H-indazole-7-carbonitrile (2008)
    Cottyn B, Acher F, Ramassamy B, Alvey L, Lepoivre M, Frapart Y, Stuehr D, Mansuy D, Boucher JL, Vichard D
    Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 16(11):5962-5973

  • Metabolic activation of the antitumor drug 5-(Aziridin-1-yl)-2,4-dinitrobenzamide (CB1954) by NO synthases (2008)
    Chandor A, Dijols S, Ramassamy B, Frapart Y, Mansuy D, Stuehr D, Helsby N, Boucher JL
    Chemical Research in Toxicology 21(4):836-43


  • The endogenous neurotransmitter, serotonin, modifies neuronal nitric oxide synthase activities (2007)
    Breard M, Sari MA, Frapart Y, Boucher JL, Ducrocq C, Grillon C
    Free Radical Research 41(4):413-423