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  • Activation of EGFR by small compounds through coupling the generation of hydrogen peroxide to stable dimerization of Cu/Zn SOD1
    Sakanyan, Vehary; Hulin, Philippe; Alves de Sousa, Rodolphe; Silva, Viviane A. O.; Hambardzumyan, Artur; Nedellec, Steven; Tomasoni, Christophe; Loge, Cedric; Pineau, Charles; Roussakis, Christos; Fleury, Fabrice; Artaud, Isabelle
    Scientific Reports

  • Straightforward Detection of Reactive Compound Binding to Multiple Proteins in Cancer Cells: Towards a Better Understanding of Electrophilic Stress
    Vehary Sakanyan, Florence Benaiteau, Rodolphe Alves de Sousa, Charles Pineau and Isabelle Artaud,
    Ann Clin Exp Metabol ,


  • Screening and discovery of nitro-benzoxadiazole compounds activating epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) in cancer cells
    Sakanyan, Vehary; Angelini, Marie; Le Bechec, Mickael; Lecocq, Michele Francoise; Benaiteau, Florence; Rousseau, Benedicte; Gyulkhandanyan, Aram; Gyulkhandanyan, Lusine; Loge, Cedric; Reiter, Eric; Roussakis, Christos; Fleury, Fabrice
    Scientific Reports ,