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Nouvelle traduction : 10. Equipe RMN des substances d’intérêt biologique

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Head : Nicolas Giraud

The NMR group is part of the Team "BioSpectroscopy", in the Research Unit “Laboratoire de Chimie et Biochimie pharmacologiques et toxicologiques” (LCBPT). We develop analytical methods based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance that we apply to the study of biological systems of major interest.
Our research activity covers a wide range of projects ranging from the study of the interaction of small molecules with proteins, to the metabolomic analysis of biological fluids :
• Dynamic and structural study of biomolecular interactions
• Metabolomics by NMR
• Methodological developments for ultra-high resolution
• Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (D-DNP)
These projects are carried out in the frame of several collaborations with researchers from national and international laboratories, in the fields of organic chemistry, biochemistry, structural biology or medical research. We use our experimental and theoretical expertise to design novel experiments that exceed the sensitivity and resolution limits of traditional NMR analyzes on complex samples. We are notably developing a prototype polarizer for Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (D-DNP), to improve the sensitivity of solution NMR of bio-samples. We are also working on the development of modeling and data analysis tools to make the best use of the information obtained on the biological systems under study.
Our group is hosting the NMR facility of our Research Unit, including 3 NMR spectrometers (500 MHz). We are members of the Equipex program “CACSICE” (Center for the Analysis of Complex Systems in Complex Environments), and the Equipex program “Paris en resonance”, which provides access to DNP enhanced NMR equipment for users from both academic and industrial laboratories. We are also currently implementing the first NMR facility in France dedicated to metabolomic analyses for health sciences “Metabo Paris Santé”.