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Health and Safety

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On this page you will find the information on prevention of hazards at work (health and safety). In our Unit we have two Chemical Risk Prevention Assistants and one Biological Risk Assistants.

The role of prevention assistants is to advise and assist the Director of the Unit in the process of risk assessment, the implementation of a prevention policy and the implementation of health and safety rules work to:

  • Preventing hazards that could compromise the health of agents

  • Improve methods and the working environment

  • Advancing knowledge of security issues and measures to address them

  • Ensure that occupational health and safety registers are maintainedl

  • Propose practical measures to improve risk prevention

  • Participate, in collaboration with other actors, in awareness raising, information and training of personnel

Prevention Assistants


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On this tab you can download the instructions for waste disposal. As well as labels to stick on the waste to be removed.

Download the waste disposal instructions in pdf version.

Every year, hygiene and safety training is offered either by the University or the CNRS. If you are interested in particle training, contact the Prevention Assistants. Each year a seminar is offered to all new entrants. You can retrieve a copy of the presentation on the network drive.