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Chimie Bio-inorganique des Dérivés Soufrés et Pharmacochimie

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Direction de l'équipe: Marie-Agnès SARI

Our research area is at the interface of biochemistry, analytical biochemistry, bio(in)organic chemistry, and pharmaceutical chemistry. The work of our multidisciplinary team focuses on decrypting the reaction mechanisms of several proteins involved in metabolism (Cytochromes P450 and Paraoxonase-1), protein and nucleic glycation repair (DJ-1/PARK7), and formation of gaseous signaling molecules such as NO and H2S. In addition, our work consists in deciphering the intrinsic molecular properties, signaling functions, metabolism and/or toxicological effects of small molecular compounds (antibacterial agents, reactive sulfide species, NO, anti-thrombotic drugs, and peptides such as hepcidin).

As such, our current work can be divided into two main axes:

  1. Pharmaceutical chemistry

  2. Redox homeostasis and bio(in)organic chemistry of sulfur species