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Conférence CICB-Paris

Understanding HIV transcription : Implications for HIV Cure

par Marie Körner - publié le

Monsef Benkirane Institut de Génétique Humaine (IGH) CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE

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Dans le cycle "Epigénétique" Monsef Benkirane donnera une conférence le

26 novembre 2015, à 11 heures, dans la salle R229 du CUSP

Résumé de la conférence
HIV infection is suppressed but not cured by Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART). This is due to the establishment of a viral reservoir that is responsible for the persistence of low levels of plasma viremia in patients under ART. Viral rebound is observed immediately after ART interruption. HIV persistence may arise from ongoing residual virus replication and/or from latently-infected cells in which long-lived resting memory CD4+ T cells harboring transcriptionally silent provirus represent the largest pool in the blood.
Addressing the source of HIV persistence is required to achieve a cure for HIV. Thus, targeting the sources of HIV persistence is required to achieve HIV cure in addition to ART. This can be achieved either by a so-called “Shock and Kill” strategy, which would employ virus-reactivating agents in combination with ART, or by a “Kill” approach whereby latently infected cells would be directly targeted and killed. A “Shock and kill” strategy will require deep understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the establishment and maintenance of transcriptionally silent proviruses. The “Kill” strategy is conditioned by the identification of specific marker(s) that differentiate latently infected cells from their non-infected counterparts.
We will discuss how understanding the complex interaction between HIV, its host and therapeutic tools may help achieving HIV cure.

Monsef Benkirane is research director at the CNRS, director of the Institute of Human Genetics in Montpellier. FRANCE ( and head of the laboratory of molecular virology group. He worked on deciphering the role of T-Cell activation in HIV-1 replication, and moved to the NIH for his postdoctoral training where he became interested in viral gene expression. Back in Montpellier, he established his current lab, where he continued to work on HIV and particularly on deciphering viral host interaction and viral gene expression. Amongs the numerous distinctions that Monsef Benkirane received for his work, he got the Silver Medal from CNRS in 2015.

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