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Korean Visible human

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Reconstruction 3D du système uro-génital partir de Koréan Visible human

QuickTime - 4.4 Mo

Travail en collaboration avec l’université de Séoul (2)

Jean-François Uhl M.D, Jin Seo Park (2) PH.D, Ming Suk Chung (2) M.D, Vincent Delmas M.D

The Visible Korean Human (VKH), was made in 2005 to produce an enhanced version of the serially sectioned images of an entire cadaver that can be used to upgrade the 3-D images and software. These improvements have been achieved without drastically changing the methods developed for the previous dataset from USA (VHP) and china (CVH). A segmentation of the uro-genital tract was made at Paris 5 university using Surfdriver software to provide a 3D interactive model. It used a part of the KVH anatomical dataset, from slices 2500 to slices 3400. Some results of this work are shown