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Anthropometric Data Bank

The LAA has been gathering, for more than 30 years, anthropometric data with classical measurement means (uni-dimensional 1-D), but also biostereometric data (three-dimensional anthropometry 3-D).

These data has been integrated in databases ERGODATA that will be soon available through Internet with the present Web site :

•  Individual Data File (DI) including 64 inquiries, with 60.000 subjects coming from 20 different countries.

Aggregate Data File (DA) including 160 articles, which represent more than 1 million subjects, with 60 represented countries.

Tri-dimensional Data File (3D) which is in the development process.

The Individual Data File includes the values of anthropometric measurements of individuals, while the Aggregate Data File includes statistical data of populations. Of course, Individual and Aggregate Data do not represent independent sets. On the contrary, they are complementary, in particular, for the populations and available age brackets.

To help the definition of necessary measurements for a study, a dictionary of measurements is available in paper or electronic form. It graphically represents human body with the position of the main reference points, and brings, for each measurement of the human body (length, width, heigth, depth, perimeter...), a definition with the method to take the measurement and a diagram.


Examples :


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Definition :
Front-Back diameter of the thorax (nipple - shoulder blade).

Method to take the measurement :
Sitting subject with an indifferent breathing, Maximum Front-Back diameter of the thorax (nipple for the front, shoulder blade for the back).

Remarks :
See also M1DIATHOREXP : Front-Back diameter of the thorax with a forced expiration,
M1DIATHORINSP : Front-Back diameter of the thorax with a forced inspiration, and
M1DIATHOR8 : Front-Back diameter of the thorax, SUBJECT TEAM.


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Definition :
Width crest to crest.

Method to take the measurement :
Standing subject, distance at the level of the top of  the hips (iliac crests) between skin points and extern points.

Remarks :
See also LARBI2CRET8 : same measurement, SUBJECT TEAM.


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Definition :
Distance between the back plan of the buttock massif and the front face of the knee.

Method to take the measurement :
Sitting subject, sagged legs with a right angle, buttock leant against the wall, distance between the wall (reference plan) and the front face of the knee.

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